Targeting your audience with high-quality content is a crucial element to a successful SEO strategy. Constructing it properly will address relevant topics and help to inform and answer questions your audience may have.

Step 1: Research And Know Your Audience

Just before you develop content it is very important to research and understand what your audience is trying to find. A targeted and deliberate approach is necessary in order to attract them. This can vary depending on your business and industry.

Step 2: Select A Media Type

The following stage of content creation is to identify what type of content should be produced and what media you will utilize to deliver it. There are a variety of content options such as: blog posts, white papers, and infographics. Additionally, distribution can be done via email, social accounts, and relevant industry publications.

Step 3: Share High-Quality Content

Withholding information restricts progress and development. Quality content creates value throughout an industry or community so ensure that it can be shared. Consequently, content can have a greater impact by connecting with different outlets and audiences. An easy way of doing this is to have social sharing buttons present on your site and blog posts.

Step 4: The Basics Of Composing Content

Any time content is composed, it is important to proofread and edit it in order for it to present professionally. Formatting also plays a big part in its readability but also helps in improving SEO. As a result, make use of headings and subheadings that are relevant to the content’s topic. Another aspect of valuable content is to feature high-resolution images and videos while linking to reputable sources. Web sites that end in .edu, .org, and .gov are good places to start.

Step 5: Optimize Content For Internet Search Engines

The research performed in Step 1 will assist you to optimize your content for search engines. Based on the information you gathered, it should be relatively simple to pinpoint keywords to target and include in your content. Keywords should pertain to the targeted niche and your brand. If you are having difficulty identifying focus keywords, try using the Google Keyword Planner.

After selecting the relevant keywords, the next step is to incorporate them into the content. In the past, a “shotgun approach” was relied upon but in todays internet landscape the user experience is the primary focus. Thus, blasting a website or piece of content with keywords is a sure way to get penalized by search engines. Strategically using keywords is the name of the game. Here are some pointers when making use of keywords:

  • Keywords should help to categorize and identify content when used in titles, headings, and subheadings.
  • Use supporting keywords that relate to the focus keyword. This will aid in organizing content.
  • Make an attempt to use keywords in a natural way so that content reads and appears legitimate.

High-quality content builds value for your company and it’s customers. Even though it  will distinguish your brand from competitors, it also has a substantial impact on SEO. Effectively and tactfully creating content can help you to connect with interested users and address relevant topics. If you have questions about content creation, call our team today!

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JHG Media Digital Marketing

It is uncertain how the world of digital marketing will shift and evolve in the years to come. Despite the changing landscape, there are measures you can take to secure your digital marketing strategy. Listed below are 3 things to consider that will protect a digital marketing approach:


An inactive brand will find it virtually impossible to survive in today’s digital marketing environment. Part of continuing to be relevant is to constantly assess the environment and adapt. By carrying out new methods with tried and true techniques, a brand not only demonstrates activity but can also get a much better idea of what is effective and what is not.


A dramatic move in the world of digital marketing has taken place within the perspective of the consumer. For example, content was created in the past to deliver a message to consumers but a more strategic technique is required now. Instead of broadcasting content with the target of reaching consumers, numerous brands are making the attempt to reach consumers when the individual needs what they are offering.


With the help of social media, software, and consumers, brands are effectively implementing this approach. Applications like Instagram and Twitter help brands connect with users at any moment of the day. Combining software, such as Jooicer and GetRiver, with these applications will aid a brand in targeting and connecting with consumers.


While consumers and brands engage one another it is very important to take advantage of the interaction. 66% of consumers claim they’re very likely to change brands if they feel treated like a number, instead of a person. This indicates that relationship with today’s consumer is important. Adding a personal touch to the interaction between a brand and consumer goes a very long way. Some of the ways to tailor the interactions are:

  1. Do not use an auto response to reply to consumers on social media.
  2. Always address the consumer by their name.
  3. Write emails that read as if an actual person prepared them.
  4. Make use of templates that appear to have been written by a person.
  5. Attempt to make email lists pertinent to each consumer on it.

Digital marketing and consumers are always evolving with the introduction of new technologies. In spite of the shifting landscape there are steps to take that will help a brand safeguard its strategy and remain relevant. If you are interested in developing an effective digital marketing strategy, contact us today.

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Advantages of Advertising with Facebook

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Every type of company should be looking to validate their expenditure, so when it pertains to developing and operating a Facebook, or any kind of, advertising campaign, there has to be reason for it. Thankfully, there are a variety of benefits of conducting a Facebook advertising campaign.

Facebook is the 2nd most popular website worldwide
Just 2nd to Google and with over 1 billion users a month Facebook is where individuals hang out. You shouldn’t expect that advertising on Facebook provides you a likelihood to connect with the whole globe, yet it provides you with the tool to identify people that are relevant to your company.

You can easily aim for specifically who you wish to reach
Among the most important factors in an advertising campaign is reaching out to particular individuals. With the capacity to aim for individuals by a variety of interests and standards, Facebook advertising is highly targeted and focused.

Facebook offers more perceptive campaign organization
Although still effective, Facebook’s first campaign structure did not line up completely with the basic design of a marketing initiative. The three-level campaign framework produces a more instinctive setup that provides an enveloping initiative level, a segmentation level and an implementation quantity.

Using Facebook upholds consumer loyalty and connections
Whenever you discover followers on Facebook, you can manage the relationship on Facebook, helping to deliver loyalty. You will likewise discover that you can provide more offers specifically to interested parties on Facebook, so this is the program to work with to develop and maintain an audience.

Facebook advertisements provide an increased degree of flexibility
The use of pictures and the extra character length will certainly ensure that you can easily get your message across more efficiently when using Facebook advertising as compared to AdWords.

Facebook ads could be observed more than just once
Ads on Facebook could be seen a variety of times by an individual, which boosts the probability of them having an effect and being remembered by users. With numerous Facebook users logging in at multiple times of the day, this is a terrific means to increase the probability of connecting with customers.

Facebook advertisements enable you to choose between Click Based or Impression Based payment options
Having the capacity to select between click based payment or impression based payments provides a level of flexibility, permitting organizations to fully take control of the way they make use of the advertising campaign.

Superior reporting, budgeting, and management
Facebook’s former campaign framework called for a higher level of hands-on compilation and reporting over a wide range of campaigns in order to get a thorough understanding of performance against a certain project. The new campaign structure makes reporting and campaign management easier and far more unified.

Facebook ad campaigns, Facebook advertising, JHG Media, JHG Media Group

Facebook ads offer exceptional value for money
Because of the very focused nature of Facebook advertising, you do not need to invest a bunch of money to reach out to individuals you intend to reach out to. This provides great value for money and justification for all companies.

And with anticipated functionality that will certainly enable advertisers to set budgets at the initiative level too, advertisers can concurrently experience more convenience in spend allowance from the widest to most particular levels of the new campaign framework.

Facebook ads connect with smartphone users
There has been a strong development of Facebook advertising and it enables you to reach out to the increasing number of smartphone and tablet users. This is how a growing amount of users are gaining access the web and advertising within this fashion makes sure you get an optimal way to reach out to these particular users.

As discovered above, there certainly are several perks to utilizing Facebook as a system for offer campaigns. Get in touch with social media professionals to make sure a Facebook advertising campaign will fit your particular business goals. These pros can likewise manage the campaign for every size or type of business.

Social Media Marketing Essentials

Seven Ideas for Better Social Media Marketing

1. Layout a Successful Strategy.
2. Set Social Media Marketing and Advertising Company Goals.
3. Recognize Benefits Between Sites and Develop Content Accordingly.
4. Social Media Customer Service Must be Fast.
5. Make “Honesty” Business Rule Number 1.
6. Listen to the Social Media Messages.
7. Make Your Content Original.

Boost Your Online Appearance.
These days, a business presence throughout the social media network consists of more than just creating an account in Pinterest or LinkedIn. You should take advantage of social analytical software to get the whole picture of what’s being discussed by your visitors. And, you ought to include social media sites into the objectives of your business, to make sure that your Facebook messages together with your tweets on Twitter generate purposeful returns that assist the bottom line of your business.

Lethargic choices about moving into the social media realm simply suggest that your competitors who are currently there are actually racing away from you on the social media highway. Today is the time to get into the competition.


If you don’t think social media is literally ENORMOUS, these types of statistics might change your mind:
• One-fifth of all couples currently meet online.
• A fifth of all divorces are currently fault Facebook.
• Kindergarteners are actually studying more on iPads rather than on blackboards.
• The community of Facebook could be the third most populated nation on the planet.
• eBooks are definitely presently outselling traditional printed books.
• In 2013, social gamers paid $6 billion, whereas those attending cinemas paid $2.5 billion dollars.
• Every single minute, 24 hours of video footage is uploaded to YouTube.
• Publish Wikipedia in book form & it would include 2.25 million pages & take 123 years to read.
• Social media is utilized by 93 percent of all marketers.

7 Tips for More Effective Social Media Marketing

If you don’t believe social media is ENORMOUS, these stats might change your mind:
• One-fifth of all couples currently meet on the internet.
• A 5th of all breakups are presently fault on Facebook.
• Kindergarteners are learning more on iPads rather than on blackboards.
• The country of Facebook would be the third most populated nation in the world.
• eBooks are without a doubt now outselling standard printed books.
• In 2013, social networking gamers shelled out $6 billion dollars, whereas people attending movies paid $2.5 billion dollars.
• Each minute, 24 hours of video is added to YouTube.
• Publish Wikipedia in periodical style & it will consist of 2.25 million pages & take 123 years to read.
• Social media happens to be employed by 93 percent of all advertisers.


Listed here are tips for better approaches to taking advantage of the social media network when it comes to your marketing efforts:

1. Draft a Successful   Strategy.
2. Set Social Media Marketing  Goals.
3. Distinguish Among Sites and Produce Copy Accordingly.
4. Social Media Customer Support Needs to be Fast.
5. Make “Honesty” a Top Priority.
6. Note the Social Media Messages.
7. Always Keep Your Content Original.

Boost Your Online Visibility.
These days, a company presence in social media includes a lot more than opening an account in Pinterest or LinkedIn. You will want to implement social analytical software in order to get a handle on exactly what’s being discussed by your potential customers. And, you should incorporate social media sites into the aims for your company, to ensure your Facebook posts and your tweets on Twitter provide significant returns that help the bottom line of your business.

Slowly shifting into the social media realm merely suggests that your rivals that are already there are speeding way ahead of you on the social media thoroughfare.

Now is the time to get into the race.

The Impact of Video in Social Media Campaigns

Traditionally, a major part of online marketing is routed toward the written word, and it currently does the trick in a number of social media sites with respect to certain businesses. The social media world contains several members who utilize a more visual approach. If you’re marketing on YouTube, you better be proficient around the world of video. And, why not use video? Sometimes a visual marketing concept will introduce humor together with a pretty powerful message, much like the advertisement Mike Dubin generated for his Dollar Shave Club YouTube marketing initiative. You, too, can certainly take advantage of visual advertising and marketing in order to boost your business’s revenue, however it is generally recommended to determine whether a visual or text plan of attack works best with regard to the target audience you want to attract.

In the event that you’re key target audience is in North America, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are your top social media approaches. If your aim is into China, your social network of choice is the Chinese social media network, Qzone. Target the Slavic-speaking populaces and your most effective social media option is VKontakte (VK), which means “in touch”.

Through every one of these social media networks, online marketers that utilize visuals along with their messages enhance visitor traffic by 12 percent, according to Heidi Cohen, an online marketing specialist.

Marketing choices go deeper than just adding graphics. You need to initially answer the question, “What exactly is the most suitable style of content with regard to my audience?” Advertising firms boast that adding images increases total views by close to 100 percent. It goes without saying that a vacation website promoting snorkeling excursions in Hawaii is definitely going to see far better numbers by having images in their message on Instagram or Pinterest.

Visuals aren’t always compelling. Marketing to accountants may be more effective in the written form on Facebook, where the sharing of text is favored. To find out more


Why Businesses Should Use Google Plus

Social media websites like Friendster and Myspace were once all the craze. Right now it’s Facebook and down the road there is going to probably be yet another social media titan. Certainly there’s an apparent pattern here. Adoption speeds escalate when it comes to one particular social media site. A new website becomes the next “in” place to be and new users move to a new location. Our team here at JHG Media are convinced that Google+ is essential to virtually any web-based brand management.

Is Facebook on its way out? That may be when you review the remarkable development regarding Google+. Registered users from the end of 2012 to the end of 2013 moved from 435 million to 1.15 billion. Which figure positions Google+ in second place trailing Facebook, which remains at the top with 1.23 billion registered users. Could Google+ overtake the top spot? It could…to find out more …