New Twitter Features and How to Use Them with Online Marketing

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Marketers love social media– and for good reason. Social networking has made it more convenient than ever for marketing pros to tap straight into the mind of their target market and tactically connect with both current and potential customers by creating web content that will ignite each of their distinct interests.

With making use of social marketing, nevertheless, comes great responsibility. Responsibility to not only stay up to date with what your customers– and the users you wish will become your followers– have an interest in but to additionally take note of the most recent social updates and what they are able to add to your marketing arsenal.

So, what were the newest updates to hit the Twittersphere this year? And more notably, how can online marketers and business owners ensure to capitalize on them to captivate their target audience and incorporate value to their social strategy?

1. Video

Twitter has a new and more native way of adding rich media to tweets. The new component enables people to record, modify, and share their own videos on Twitter through a video- friendly interface. It’s safe to say that it could take your average YouTube video to another level.

Just what it indicates to marketers…

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Staying Ahead of Evolving Social Media Trends

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Our team at JHG Media Group are always staying ahead of the curve with social media topics as the appear across the internet. As we are coming to the end of 2015 we are noticing some of the trends for social media starting to change as they shift into 2016. Just recently posted an article regarding the leading trends that are reshaping social media. We chose our top 3 to share with you here:

1. Facebook is going towards a more mature demographic.

According to an infographic generated by Adweek making use of data from eMarketer detailing the market trends in social media for 2016, Facebook is still leading the market place among social networking, but it’s there’s a projected 7.6 percent share increase with visitors 65 years and more, the largest share rise with all demographics. The eMarketer data indicates that shares between the more youthful millennial group (18 – 24 year-olds) will diminish.

It’s forecasted that in 2016, marketers going to rev up their marketing attempts to involve even more focused offers on Facebook making use of the info freely shared on their services. As for other social media networks, the 25-to-35 year-old generation nonetheless retains a stronghold across the board, though Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr are trending younger. There appears be little to absolutely no senior engagement with Tumblr and Instagram.

This benefits much smaller business owners as it enables them to compete with big companies. Now your business can move online and actually be distinct. Many online consumers don’t mind if you’re a giant brand but more care about your online presence. This is a win win for smaller sized businesses.

2. The future is mobile.

This past March noted the very first time the four top messaging apps on earth has amassed the same quantity of people as the top 4 social networking systems. These mobile applications not only allow customers to text and phone long distance lines without paying long-distance rates, but it lets them develop a world where their preferred brand names, publications and programs are centralized into one customized package that may be accessed anywhere.

Fresh solutions have figured out the effect of taking their goods directly to their customers via messaging apps: Snapchat’s Discover capability launched with 11 primary global publications to excellent acclaim and is preparing for business expansion. In China, the prominent free text message and call app, WeChat, has fused accounts of celebrities and primary brand names to its membership list. This permits folks to observe updates from their friends and favorite stars, get unique mobile-only VIP “cards” to big department stores, set up reservations at trendy restaurants with a text and even give to UNICEF on a single integrated app.

Social Media Trends - JHG Media Group

3. Social media network are becoming search engines.

Though Google isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, the manner in which individuals look for services and goods has increased outside simple SEO. Eighty-eight percent of users online are influenced by testimonials and web posts by other people. These individuals are looking right to internet sites like YouTube and Facebook (where each and every company has an existence), or in applications similar to Yelp. Pinterest, particularly, has a rewarding purpose in this shift: its industry is mainly dominated by women in their 30s with younger families, a market identified to do most of the shopping. The service is furthermore shopping focused, bouncing individuals from their tiles directly to company sites at a greatly growing speed.

Stay tuned as we come nearer to the end of 2015 to remain on top of social media trends as we go into 2016. As always, JHG Media is available to aid your small to mid sized company stay on top of your social media needs.

Find Out How To Send Money On Facebook Messenger

Send Money with Facebook

What Doesn’t Facebook Do??

Facebook has compiled all of the tasks we carry out every day and integrated them into their site. This makes life in general easier for people. Now we are able to discuss and share our lives, like always, message our buddies in Messenger, make phone calls, make video calls, and the brand new addition, send money! Let’s take a look at this money situation … Facebook just made public a new solution that lets you send money by means of its instant messaging app, Facebook Messenger. It’s somewhat like existing services from SnapChat, Square, and Venmo, letting you easily exchange money with other individuals (instead of companies) both far and wide. But there’s a substantial distinction: It functions on Facebook.

That means this new service quickly reaches the large amount of individuals who are already on Facebook. All of a sudden, it’s far easier for a sizeable swath of the population to send out and receive cash. But friend-to-friend payments can also nourish the considerably bigger dreams of Mark Zuckerberg and company.

send money with Facebook Messenger

As soon as Facebook has your bank card, it can easily draw you with other purchases as well.
Facebook’s new payments tool encourages all those billions of Facebookers to store their credit card info on the company’s machines. And this will likely fuel Facebook’s efforts to turn itself into a sort of e-commerce engine that battles directly with the likes of Amazon. Facebook is currently testing a “buy” button on its social network that lets anyone instantly purchase stuff that shows up in your newsfeed. However that button is a great deal more effective if you’ve already put in your card into Facebook.

Facebook is pushing in the same direction as Apple and Google. It wants to be the site where you spend not only your time but your dollars.

Payments On Facebook Are Not a surprise

The new Facebook service is definitely not a shocker. Last summer, David Marcus, the Chief Executive Officer of payments giant PayPal, joined Facebook to oversee Messenger. And subsequently, on a Facebook earnings phone call, CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg suggested that Messenger would sync with some sort of peer-to-peer payments solution.

In the meantime, Snapchat added a payments method to its well-known messaging app, piggybacking on an already existing tool from San Francisco startup Square. But Snapchat isn’t nearly as well-known as Facebook. And its collection of additional products is not nearly as sizable.

The Facebook social network is put to use by more than 1.3 billion people all over the world, and Messenger, which the company spun off from its social network, now provides services to about 500 million, according to the company’s latest public numbers. That’s probably about two and half times the amount on SnapChat.

This shows more people are far more likely to use Facebook’s payments program compared to those others. But more vital for Facebook, specifically since it states it’s never going to charge for sending and receiving money, is your data, in this scenario, debit card numbers. To transmit money, you have to save your Visa or Mastercard details with Facebook. To receive cash, the company revealed, you need to do the very same. And once Facebook has that data, it will be able to construct out services– revenue-generating services– that draw you to spend.

So on 1 hand it makes it easier for individuals to send money to each other and the enticing aspect is that they never take a cut. That being said, on the other hand Facebook is getting ready to contend with huge web retailers. What are your thoughts? Is it nice to have the convenience or does this worry you that it would be far too easy to spend?

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Selling Products on Instagram and Pinterest

selling products on social medai

We have indeed discussed how important the local market is for the new Google algorithm and just how essential it is to connect with your target market on Facebook. Now you can contact your consumers and make purchases using social media platforms Instagram and Pinterest These two websites have incorporated simple buttons for viewers to pay for the things they see right then and there. This speedier purchasing power means far more dollars for businesses.

Buy Button on Pinterest.

What Pinterest is calling “buyable pins” was publicized back in June and is most likely the greatest benefit for small companies when it comes to these 2 image-drive social networks. The pin method will be right next to the regular pins that folks make use of to develop their personalized boards. Click on the blue “Buy It” button and you will be brought to checkout. If an individual clicks that pin and wants to purchase, they will be pinterest buy buttontaken to a page to write in their credit card details.
Pinterest drove this one-step more and is additionally allowing users to browse buyable pins specifically, so those who want to shop exclusively for items which are available for sale can do so by means of searching for their word, clicking the blue “see more” button, then scrolling through results. People can also click on a blue “$” to add in cost limits.

The Pinterest user-base often browses for items hoping they can reproduce them or discover them someplace on the web to buy, so this all new element has been a very long time in the making. This offers retailers an exceptionally focused audience, and usually with much less competition than they would most likely have in the Google SERPs.
As senior director of Demandware Adam Forrest stated in the Search Engine Watch article, “Pinterest’s move is another step in the natural evolution of social commerce.” Consumers are no more dedicating their time to only one destination when looking on the web, so it’s crucial that online merchants keep up and capitalize by using any platform they can.

Shop Now Button on Instagram

Instagram’s button is going to appear like “Shop Now” to customers. Sellers have to opt-in to incorporate a Shop Now button, but that they do individuals will have the chance to download an app or buy a thing they find in their feed right then and there. Nonetheless, the catch with this is that so far this particular feature will only be offered to suppliers and individuals by using mobile.

Shop Now on InstagramRegardless, this new button is going to enable users to click to shop more and it will transfer consumers to the e-commerce companies website, their app, or sign up for their newsletter. In other words, the true shopping affair does not happen inside the app like it does with Pinterest. This is perhaps due to the fact that Instagram does not likely want to pound people with shopping opportunities considering that Instagram is about much more than buying. What’s amazing and special about Instagram is that since they are a Facebook owned company, sellers are able to focus on people utilizing Facebook’s info like demographics, interests, past search history, and much more.

Social network Business Revolution

Increasingly more individuals are starting to hop around from desktop to smartphone and hop from social network to social network, therefore optimizing for 1 search type and 1 search type exclusively is becoming more obscure.

Even though Pinterest looks to have really paved the way for a straight way for people to buy, it’s not hard to make the presumption that many other networks are next. Social media is about linking customers with other people, certainly, but they are evolving similar to the web. Their mission is to make things much easier for consumers, and fortunately for small companies this implies making purchasing more readily available.

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Reviews Do Matter in Business

No amount of advertising, tweeting or direct mailing can affect customers the way an objective peer review can. That’s because in the age of social media sites and on-line reviews, it’s not what you say about your business that matters; it’s what others say about you.

According to a study performed by Dimensional Research and sponsored by Zendesk, 90% of participants said that positive on-line reviews affected their buying decisions, and 86% claimed their buying decisions were swayed by negative reviews.


Although online reviews are a precious asset for any business, getting reviews from customers can be a delicate courtship. Oftentimes, the greatest obstacle that small businesses have with online reviews isn’t receiving unfavorable ones– it’s getting them at all. Numerous small business owners can be skittish about asking clients for reviews, worrying that they’ll irritate and turn off a once happy consumer.

Nevertheless, if the success of your enterprise truly hinges on web-based reviews, inspiring reviews is a talent you’ll need to master. Here are seven suggestions to help you overcome the awkwardness and urge customers to leave reviews.

1. Make composing a review as simple as possible.
The typical client is not going to search for means to leave your company a review (except if they have a negative experience to share). That’s why you need to make it as simple as possible for customers to offer a review. Put direct links to your review accounts in several locations, for instance, a thank you or follow-up e-mail.

2. Appear on multiple review websites.
Everybody has his/her own preferred review site– maybe it’s where your customers analyzed your business to begin with. Having a presence on virtually every review website (or every review website which makes good sense for your enterprise) can make the process a lot more seamless and pleasant for your patrons. For example, there’s Yelp, Angie’s List, Google Local, Yahoo Local, LinkedIn, TrustLink and many more.

Ask patrons to leave a review on their favorite site– never ever force them to compose reviews on multiple websites. And take care regarding pressing customers to compose a review on a brand-new site. As an example, if a non-Yelper feels persuaded to create a Yelp account to give you a review, Yelp’s spam filtering system will likely flag their review and all that hard work will disappear into thin air.

3. Be candid.
In case you feel bashful about requesting a review outright, don’t. It’s a part of operating these days. You can help your case and also nourish a good reputation by being as honest and open as possible with your clients.

You can say a little something as simple as, “Your viewpoint matters to us and to other patrons, so we ‘d be truly appreciative if you take a couple of moments to review your experience,” or “Do you read internet reviews? We do, and so do other patrons. That’s why we ‘d love it if you take a couple of moments to review your experience.”.

4. Walk the enticements line carefully.
Many say that offering any kind of incentive for reviews contaminates the process and must be avoided at all costs. However, I recognize the simple fact that any individual writing a review is taking time out of their hectic routine to help the overall community. Offering a modest incentive (such as 20 % off discount) could be a good way to show your gratitude and encourage customers to make the effort to compose a couple of words. You merely need to make sure your offer is for penning a review, not just for writing a good review.

You might likewise delight reviewers by sending them a rebate code or other offer right after they’ve published a review. By doing this, you know your incentive didn’t impact their choice to pen a review, yet you still get to offer a small token of appreciation for their efforts.

5. Think about your market.
If your customers are Millennials, they’re already accustomed to discussing every single experience on-line and will most likely share their thought and feelings without having much motivating. Battering patrons under the age of 30 with appeals to post a review will most likely turn them off.

On the other hand, if you have more mature or much less social media savvy customers, these individuals could require a little more urging or hand-holding.

6. Transform reviewers into brand ambassadors.
While a favorable review is great for your business, the true worth lies in the reviewer. Think about it. That person took the time to describe and share the excellent experience they had when it comes to your business.

Think about exactly how you can further take advantage of this particular relationship. For example, you could create video reviews from your top customers to upload on your website. Absolutely nothing tells a story better than well-produced, honest video clips from real individuals.

7. Don’t ignore the unfavorable reviews.
While your objective is to get great reviews, you’ll more than likely encounter a bad review or two. Bad reviews aren’t always a business-killer, but exactly how you deal with a negative scenario can be. Listen to and attend to the bad reviews; you could have a chance to turn an unhappy customer into a brand supporter.

At the end of the day, the most effective path to possessing great reviews is to offer an excellent product and customer experience. If you’re doing all you can to produce an exceptional experience for your customers, there’s absolutely no reason not to tell them about the significance of sharing reviews.

SEO Essentials


Last year saw some vast Google changes that altered how search engine optimization (SEO) work was performed. They are to build your brand, do not try to fool the system, don’t purchase links to your website and don’t link from other websites that are not relevant to your own site.

SEO was actually once an uncomplicated achievement. All one did was pack your website page with key words plus make sure that the hyperlinks going to that website were likewise saturated with keywords. Down the road, Google updates pointed out several practices weren’t preferred by the search engine. Backlinks to your site were bought and sold like snacks at a motion-picture theater. Google did not have the algorithms to back up their policies.

All that changed last year when the Google Sheriff came to town. There needs to be educational content related to your links.

The days of blog and forum creation for easy link creation are over. Directory links are out the window and lethargic article marketing will not cut the mustard, either. As a result, seedy SEO entities still convince business owners that they can gain huge returns on strategies that are far outdated.

When you are being contacted by a SEO con man from the past, listed here are various pointers:

• A site with no content is going nowhere fast regarding an engine search.
• A noxious link profile is simply lethal with regard to search engine ranking.
• Duplicate the content from another site and Google will sink you.
• Website creation demands effort to generate genuine copy.
• If you’re not working on Search Engine Optimization, recognize that your rivals have been performing SEO for years.
• SEO effectiveness requires time. This doesn’t transpire in a single day.
• The traditional SEO ways are over. It’s a different SEO world today.
• Google now makes updates each week.
• SEO is continually evolving.

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7 Tips for More Effective Social Media Marketing

If you don’t believe social media is ENORMOUS, these stats might change your mind:
• One-fifth of all couples currently meet on the internet.
• A 5th of all breakups are presently fault on Facebook.
• Kindergarteners are learning more on iPads rather than on blackboards.
• The country of Facebook would be the third most populated nation in the world.
• eBooks are without a doubt now outselling standard printed books.
• In 2013, social networking gamers shelled out $6 billion dollars, whereas people attending movies paid $2.5 billion dollars.
• Each minute, 24 hours of video is added to YouTube.
• Publish Wikipedia in periodical style & it will consist of 2.25 million pages & take 123 years to read.
• Social media happens to be employed by 93 percent of all advertisers.


Listed here are tips for better approaches to taking advantage of the social media network when it comes to your marketing efforts:

1. Draft a Successful   Strategy.
2. Set Social Media Marketing  Goals.
3. Distinguish Among Sites and Produce Copy Accordingly.
4. Social Media Customer Support Needs to be Fast.
5. Make “Honesty” a Top Priority.
6. Note the Social Media Messages.
7. Always Keep Your Content Original.

Boost Your Online Visibility.
These days, a company presence in social media includes a lot more than opening an account in Pinterest or LinkedIn. You will want to implement social analytical software in order to get a handle on exactly what’s being discussed by your potential customers. And, you should incorporate social media sites into the aims for your company, to ensure your Facebook posts and your tweets on Twitter provide significant returns that help the bottom line of your business.

Slowly shifting into the social media realm merely suggests that your rivals that are already there are speeding way ahead of you on the social media thoroughfare.

Now is the time to get into the race.