A Look At How To SEO In 2018

How do I SEO in 2018? JHG Media

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is continuously evolving. Techniques that previously worked do not always translate into higher rankings on search engines. In reality, some out-of-date strategies can actually harm a website’s SEO initiatives. With new ways for individuals to search the Internet and revamped algorithms from search engines such as Google, it is essential to be aware of what is effective and where the industry is headed. Lets go over some key points to take into consideration for your SEO strategy in 2018.

1) Landing Page Experience

A websites landing page experience is the groundwork to successful SEO and incorporates elements such as: ease of mobile and computer navigation, decreased loading times, transparency and trustworthiness, and unique content. Google is constantly focused on enhancing that experience by being sure that its search results have the elements of a quality landing page experience. When a website properly addresses these items, an interested user is able to have a better experience on the website. If a site does not address these factors prior to its SEO efforts, its rankings will not improve and the site could even be penalized. On the other hand, a quality website coupled with SEO shows to Google that the website is an authority and it will experience improved ranking.

2) Featured Content And SEO

Search engines have become significantly more aware of improving the user experience. Beginning in 2015, Google started to provide users with quick answers. Google calls them Featured Snippets. Now, when a user asks a question, Google will actually extract the most helpful answer from a webpage and position it above the search results in a special block. The block also features a link to the page, the title, and the URL. Furthermore, the website will experience an increase in its click-through-rate (CTR) and strengthen its authority. In a study carried out by Ben Goodsell from Search Engine Land, he determined that being featured by Google has its benefits. In his study for instance, “CTR jumped from 2 percent to 8 percent in the period analyzed. Meanwhile, revenue from organic visitors landing on this page saw a 677-percent improvement.”

Featured Snippet Quick Answer JHG Media

You’re probably wondering how you can be featured by Google. Google’s featured content does not involve a code so the Content Marketing Institute advises that a website asks specific questions on it’s pages while also providing detailed answers in a conversational format. This will give the website’s content a better chance of being extracted by Google when a user is searching for an answer.

3) Voice Search

Voice Search JHG Media

Not only are search engines advancing but the way users are searching is changing also. Based off Google’s Mobile Voice Study, 55 percent of teens and 41 percent of adults use voice search more than once a day. Google anticipates that by 2020, more than half of the searches performed will be conducted using voice search. Because of the surge in use of this technological innovation, featured snippets will become increasingly more critical for websites. In addition, it will require websites to become even more detail oriented in their content.

4) Who Can Help Me With My SEO?

SEO can be an overwhelming duty for business owners given their role and responsibilities. The work it calls for is time consuming and is most successful when it is routinely being performed. If you are thinking about attending to your businesses SEO, the optimal course of action to take is to hire a skilled specialist whose focus is staying current on SEO trends and techniques.

JHG Media can help you with your SEO. offers comprehensive services to help businesses, regardless of their industry or size, accomplish their SEO goals. Our solution is unique in that we combine that which is tried and proven to be effective regardless of trends and algorithms, while also implementing the most current technologies to achieve the best results. JHG Media’s services include: SEO, digital marketing, reviews management, and website design.

The development of SEO has led businesses to think about their online presence differently. If you want to be effective in your SEO initiatives, it is more crucial than ever to strategically approach your websites design, be familiar with what search engines require, and stay current on the latest approaches. Contact us and speak with our experienced team to begin improving your SEO.

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