JHG Media Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is extremely important to your business’s future success. Nowadays social media and review platforms are presenting users with real time, genuine reviews. As a result, business’s can’t afford to neglect what consumers are saying about their business. It is critical that they proactively engage their consumers after a service or product is provided.

Search engines present users with results that they deem as relevant authorities. For that reason, it is difficult for business’s competing in a searched niche if they do not have an online presence or have a weak reputation. An online presence that addresses reputation management is essential in order to engage potential customers. Online reviews and star ratings act like first impressions and are key to a business’s success. Today, they are the determining factor for a user selecting a provider or product. In the following article we will review the basics to online reputation management.


Do not miss out on an opportunity to collect testimonials from clients. Disregarding your customers after you interact with them can lead to a harmful review. On the other hand, proactively attending to your customers will allow you to acquire more reviews for your business. It is very important to invite customers to provide reviews by scoring their experience on review sites. Moreover, positive reviews are valuable and will actually help boost your rankings.


Online reputation management is similar to caring for a garden. Weeds are imminent and have to be pulled to protect the gardens growth. Likewise, bad reviews will occur and it is useful to know when and where they appear. We recommend that you make a list of your existing review profiles and URL links. Review accounts are profiles of your brand on a review platform like: Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, TripAdvisor, Vitals, WebMD, Zocdoc, etc. Right after creating a list of existing accounts, the following step is to search for any outlying review sites where your business is present. Consolidating what is being said about you and where gives you a map of what to check periodically in the future.


Refer to the list, go over each review account and get a general idea of your online reputation. What you see is what a prospective client sees. Based off of your discoveries, determine where you need to focus your reputation management efforts. We advise that your Google reviews should be a top priority.

Take advantage of good reviews by sharing them over your social network and on your website. It is ideal to have a mixture of positive reviews from multiple different review sites. Aside from that, a great tool to incorporate are plugins that allow users to share their experience right to your website. When setting up such a tool on your site, you are able to filter the reviews prior to posting them on the page. As a result, good reviews can be displayed and negative review’s can be addressed before your reputation is damaged.


JHG Media’s complete reviews management software helps to manage and protect your online reputation. Our software is compatible with 99% of review sites. The software’s ability to monitor the internet in real time saves our clients time and helps them to address reviews. Along with monitoring, the software provides an automated feature to help generate authentic reviews and increase your presence on review sites. This dynamic tool will also help boost your rankings on search engines. Furthermore, it is also entirely customizable to your product or service.

Social media and review platforms are valuable tools and can help a brand establish themselves as an authority or they can destroy a company’s reputation so business’s are thinking about online reputation management differently. It is crucial that business owners are aware of their online presence if they are to survive and grow in today’s market. For that reason, be proactive in engaging existing and potential customers with JHG Media Reputation Management. Call us today to discuss opportunities and services for your business.

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