New Twitter Features and How to Use Them with Online Marketing

twitter, jhg media group

Marketers love social media– and for good reason. Social networking has made it more convenient than ever for marketing pros to tap straight into the mind of their target market and tactically connect with both current and potential customers by creating web content that will ignite each of their distinct interests.

With making use of social marketing, nevertheless, comes great responsibility. Responsibility to not only stay up to date with what your customers– and the users you wish will become your followers– have an interest in but to additionally take note of the most recent social updates and what they are able to add to your marketing arsenal.

So, what were the newest updates to hit the Twittersphere this year? And more notably, how can online marketers and business owners ensure to capitalize on them to captivate their target audience and incorporate value to their social strategy?

1. Video

Twitter has a new and more native way of adding rich media to tweets. The new component enables people to record, modify, and share their own videos on Twitter through a video- friendly interface. It’s safe to say that it could take your average YouTube video to another level.

Just what it indicates to marketers…

For the full article and the rest of the new features visit the JHG Media Group Blog!


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