Staying Ahead of Evolving Social Media Trends

JHG Media Group

Our team at JHG Media Group are always staying ahead of the curve with social media topics as the appear across the internet. As we are coming to the end of 2015 we are noticing some of the trends for social media starting to change as they shift into 2016. Just recently posted an article regarding the leading trends that are reshaping social media. We chose our top 3 to share with you here:

1. Facebook is going towards a more mature demographic.

According to an infographic generated by Adweek making use of data from eMarketer detailing the market trends in social media for 2016, Facebook is still leading the market place among social networking, but it’s there’s a projected 7.6 percent share increase with visitors 65 years and more, the largest share rise with all demographics. The eMarketer data indicates that shares between the more youthful millennial group (18 – 24 year-olds) will diminish.

It’s forecasted that in 2016, marketers going to rev up their marketing attempts to involve even more focused offers on Facebook making use of the info freely shared on their services. As for other social media networks, the 25-to-35 year-old generation nonetheless retains a stronghold across the board, though Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr are trending younger. There appears be little to absolutely no senior engagement with Tumblr and Instagram.

This benefits much smaller business owners as it enables them to compete with big companies. Now your business can move online and actually be distinct. Many online consumers don’t mind if you’re a giant brand but more care about your online presence. This is a win win for smaller sized businesses.

2. The future is mobile.

This past March noted the very first time the four top messaging apps on earth has amassed the same quantity of people as the top 4 social networking systems. These mobile applications not only allow customers to text and phone long distance lines without paying long-distance rates, but it lets them develop a world where their preferred brand names, publications and programs are centralized into one customized package that may be accessed anywhere.

Fresh solutions have figured out the effect of taking their goods directly to their customers via messaging apps: Snapchat’s Discover capability launched with 11 primary global publications to excellent acclaim and is preparing for business expansion. In China, the prominent free text message and call app, WeChat, has fused accounts of celebrities and primary brand names to its membership list. This permits folks to observe updates from their friends and favorite stars, get unique mobile-only VIP “cards” to big department stores, set up reservations at trendy restaurants with a text and even give to UNICEF on a single integrated app.

Social Media Trends - JHG Media Group

3. Social media network are becoming search engines.

Though Google isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, the manner in which individuals look for services and goods has increased outside simple SEO. Eighty-eight percent of users online are influenced by testimonials and web posts by other people. These individuals are looking right to internet sites like YouTube and Facebook (where each and every company has an existence), or in applications similar to Yelp. Pinterest, particularly, has a rewarding purpose in this shift: its industry is mainly dominated by women in their 30s with younger families, a market identified to do most of the shopping. The service is furthermore shopping focused, bouncing individuals from their tiles directly to company sites at a greatly growing speed.

Stay tuned as we come nearer to the end of 2015 to remain on top of social media trends as we go into 2016. As always, JHG Media is available to aid your small to mid sized company stay on top of your social media needs.


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