Why should your business be curating Google reviews?


Generally there are two fundamental reasons this will definitely benefit your business, on and offline:
• Google uses reviews to rank your services.
• Individuals use reviews to evaluate your services.

Google relies upon a number of channels for signals to verify if your business is legit and secondly to find out whether your company delivers a first class service or not. Google reviews is among those integrity and trust networks that is currently being utilized by Google. It therefore makes perfect sense to be targeting this channel.

A bad review is like a nail in your companies internet marketing casket. Manage to acquire sufficient bad reviews and your online fate is sealed. On the other hand, score a long list of 4-5 star reviews from customers and your place in the search engine results pages will certainly ascend consistently.

It makes perfect sense to use reviews as one of the signals because the reviews are coming from individuals who have discovered your services most likely through the search results. They dealt with you, ordered a service or product offered, have utilized the product or service and liked or loved it.

Clients will not normally do a review without being asked. These individuals move along very blissfully with no it crossing their minds.

It therefore becomes part of your sales blue-print to complete the sales cycle with a follow-up with the customer so as to find out if they are happy or not. One out of ten dissatisfied customers will actually make a fuss over what they believed was definitely bad service or poor quality items. They will however tell everyone else how bad the service or product was. Why not maximize your return business by welcoming them to do a review? Or in the event that there is a challenge, you will have knowledge of the problem and will be able to deal with the issue.

We created this info-graphic for you to employ as a way to train your clients on how to do a review on the Google Local Business network. It is actually extremely simple to do when you understand how!

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