The Impact of Video in Social Media Campaigns

Traditionally, a major part of online marketing is routed toward the written word, and it currently does the trick in a number of social media sites with respect to certain businesses. The social media world contains several members who utilize a more visual approach. If you’re marketing on YouTube, you better be proficient around the world of video. And, why not use video? Sometimes a visual marketing concept will introduce humor together with a pretty powerful message, much like the advertisement Mike Dubin generated for his Dollar Shave Club YouTube marketing initiative. You, too, can certainly take advantage of visual advertising and marketing in order to boost your business’s revenue, however it is generally recommended to determine whether a visual or text plan of attack works best with regard to the target audience you want to attract.

In the event that you’re key target audience is in North America, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are your top social media approaches. If your aim is into China, your social network of choice is the Chinese social media network, Qzone. Target the Slavic-speaking populaces and your most effective social media option is VKontakte (VK), which means “in touch”.

Through every one of these social media networks, online marketers that utilize visuals along with their messages enhance visitor traffic by 12 percent, according to Heidi Cohen, an online marketing specialist.

Marketing choices go deeper than just adding graphics. You need to initially answer the question, “What exactly is the most suitable style of content with regard to my audience?” Advertising firms boast that adding images increases total views by close to 100 percent. It goes without saying that a vacation website promoting snorkeling excursions in Hawaii is definitely going to see far better numbers by having images in their message on Instagram or Pinterest.

Visuals aren’t always compelling. Marketing to accountants may be more effective in the written form on Facebook, where the sharing of text is favored. To find out more



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