What is “Captology”? and How can it Improve your Online Credibility


Improve Your Company’s Integrity with Online Brand Management

JHG Media If you have never heard of the word “captology,” you might check it out and learn exactly how online brand management can have a major impact on how others regard you and your product. B.J. Fogg, an expert at Stanford University, not just developed this word as a phrase for “Computers As Persuasive Technologies,” but he also created a publication called Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Modification Exactly what We Assume and Do where he describes in chapter 7 of his book, the characteristics of a legitimate website.

Fogg started the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab. He utilizes procedures referred to as experimental psychology to reveal that computers could change the opinions and activities of folks in an anticipated manner. His lab obtained a give from the National Science Structure to fund examinations in to just what he coins “mobile persuasion,” or just how mobile phones alter thoughts.

•  Compose Useful Material to Enhance Your Site and Your Online Brand Administration
•  Never Stain Your Brand with Inaction and Poor Internet Design
•  Improve Your Brand name with Quick Feedback and a Lack of Errors

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